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Watch as our proud NeoNovians have their beards and heads shaved for a great cause!

In November 2013, Neonova's Hybrid Helpdesk Team raised $1000 for Duke's Children's Hospital. They committed to not shave for the entire month as a way to raise awareness.

100% of all donations were provided to the hospital to help support the children.

At the end of the month, the help desk team members shaved their beards into the same style (for a week). Everyone who donated was able to vote on which style the team would wear. "Mustache" edged out "Monkey Tail" due to an anonymous last-minute donation (from someone whom we strongly suspect was a participant!).

In addition, there were extra incentives at the following levels:
$500 - Jeff Kennon (Help Desk Manager) would shave his head (43:00)
$1000 - Chris Carpenter (Operations team) would shave his head (49:30)
$1500 - Jason McGinnis (VP, Customer Service & Operations) would get a Mohawk (53:30)

Jason later generously offered to lower his threshold to $1000!

Thanks to everyone who supported the cause!